Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Program?

To gain access to our services, register online at, or call us at
1-877-640-9610. Once you are registered in our system, a nurse will be assigned to your case and
they will help you for the rest of your cancer journey.

Do I have to pay for CancerCARE?

The CancerCARE Program is an additional service included in the health plan offered by your
company. Registration and program features are covered by your health plan. Contact your HR
representative for more information.

What if I am already being treated for cancer?

You can join CancerCARE at any point during your treatment. Once registered, we are able to
collaborate with your local oncologist and give them access to resources they may not have at their
facility. We will also review your treatment plan to ensure everything is evidence-based quality care.

I don’t currently have cancer, do I still need to register?

Registration is only required if you have been diagnosed with cancer. If you had cancer in the past
and are now cancer-free, you can still register as a survivor and we will help you deal with any
long-term issues and concerns. Covered dependents can also register for CancerCARE.

Do I have to do anything beyond registering to CancerCARE to gain access to its benefits?

Registering to CancerCARE is the first and most important step to join the CancerCARE Program. After you have registered, a nurse review your situation and call you to complete registration. At this point you will have complete access to CancerCARE and its features. Your CancerCARE will continue checking in on you periodically to offer support and answer and questions or concerns you may have. 

Does it matter when I register to the Program?

Early registration close to the date of diagnosis is preferred. At this point, your assigned nurse can make the most difference when your initial treatment plan is being made. Your nurse can help by providing you with a deeper understanding of your condition, help you form questions to ask your doctors, and will answers questions your local doctor may not have covered. Your nurse will also collaborate with your treating physician to explore local vs. national treatment locations and ensure you are receiving the optimal evidence-based care.

Further Questions?

Reach out to us below and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.