Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Member with a new or old cancer diagnosis. What should I do from here?

Anyone diagnosed with cancer should register for the CancerCARE Program as soon as possible. The time between diagnosis and treatment planning is where CancerCARE has the greatest opportunity to impact outcomes, care quality and costs. Have Members register online, or call CancerCARE at 1-877-640-9610.

The Member already started treatment. Can they still get help?

Yes, we can help!  Members are encouraged to contact the CancerCARE Program anytime during their treatment or in remission for resources and support.

What happens if the Member chooses to not participate with CancerCARE?

We always encourage Members to participate, but not all choose to activate this benefit. Even though CancerCARE may not be communicating with the Member, CancerCARE may have an Oncology Nurse Expert monitor care plans and treatment outcomes with the Member’s provider on behalf of the plan.

Do you have informational material that we can distribute?

Absolutely. We have a packet of member materials including a program overview, FAQ, testimonials, posters, and postcards and more. These are a great tool to help explain the program to members as well as encourage and guide them on how to contact us if they receive a cancer diagnosis. A packet of these materials are provided to the broker or HR contact upon the group’s implementation.

Who should I contact when I have CancerCARE program questions?

Each group has an assigned CancerCARE Account Manager to be their main point of contact from implementation forward.  If you are unsure who your designated Account Manager is, please email CancerCARE at Account Managers will assist you with questions, provide materials, gather patient information and help clarify our reporting system.

How do I access my group’s utilization?

The CancerCARE Program releases group specific reports and newsletters quarterly via a ShareFile document portal. Upon implementation, the broker will be added to access these reports. If you would like to add contacts to your ShareFile portal, or request a utilization report between quarters, please contact your Account Manager.

HR Overview Video

Learn about CancerCARE and the benefits it offers your employees in our short introduction presentation.

Member Material

Access all of our material created for members here as well as a physicals material request form.


Do you have specific inquires about the program? Reach out to one of our representatives here.